Thursday, December 08, 2005

Danger of becoming a weekly blog at this stage. Yesterday was the office Christmas lunch - decent food and plenty of wine. Opted out of late night visit to KPMG's CHristmas do at the 100 Club.

Busy trying to sort out our house in Liverpool as being re-wired next week and decided would be good to gut the bathroom at the same time.

One spot of luck - we'd decided to finally replace our TV after many years - splashed out on an LCD only to be told it is in short supply and can no longer guarantee delivery before Christmas. Instead we were offered a much better model at a similar price - decided to accept! I like my gadgets - as those who know me will testify. My latest "toy" is the "Sonus" Pure radio - it's great as it talks to you - and the sound is excellent. We also have my pride and joy, the Pure Legato hi-fi system which is just so different to anything else on the market. I'm a big fan of digital radio so gradually making sure I can access anywhere in the house!

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