Saturday, November 26, 2005

Time for the final part of my New York trip – it’s late Monday afternoon and just been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art….

Bus back to the hotel and then off out once more to Madison Square Gardens for another dose of U2. This time on my own – I had managed to pick up one of the late release seats that U2 issue on the North American tour – another great seat, this time to the right of the stage. Arrived early in time ot see the MSG still fairly empty. Most people were glued to the TV in the bars to watch the New York Yankees playing in the final game of the pre play-offs for the World Series (I guess equivalent of quarter final in UK). They eventually lost - despite taking an early lead there was one of those classic sporting howlers when 2 fielders ran into each other and the opposition scored 2 runs.

Saw the entire set of Keane. They had been recording some new songs whilst in New York and based on first hearing I would say the next album will do well. Despite competing with baseball, there was a respectable crowd to see them, which notably grew through the set. I’m sure they would have got an encore if the powers to be had allowed it.

And then the main event. Possibly a bit more energy than on the Saturday night. The band and particularly Bono, seemed to be completely caught up in the show driven along by the pounding beat of Larry Mullen Jr. Tonight there were no special guests, no one picked from the audience to dance with Bono – just music. Several changes to the set list from Saturday. Most notable was the return of Zoo Station, not played for a while on the tour. Bono introduced Wild Horses as one of their favourite songs and promptly forgot the words, forcing a re-start once he’d been given a copy of the words. As the show neared its ending Bono introduced “40” – having meant to say “Bad” – and “Bad” it was, followed by Yayweh and a very moving With or Without You. The band left the stage for what seemed like the final time - such had been the intensity and raw emotion – I guess they felt it was hard to follow up. But possibly prompted by the earlier mention of “40” they came back for one last time.

I chose to walk back to the hotel and take in the neon light show of New York one last time.

Time to go home. Originally I had planned to visit the Museum of Modern Art today but unfortunately this was the one day in the week when it was shut so I made do with their shop instead. Then onto the Rockefeller Square via a long look at Hugo Boss suits which are much cheaper to buy in New York than London. I watched the ice skaters do their stuff in the newly opened outdoor rink, before heading to NBC where I was going on a tour of the studios. NBC is the major broadcaster in the States, having originally started out in radio. I got to see a lot of the behind he scenes stuff including the studio where Conan O’Brien is broadcast and where U2 had been guests for a 1 hour special just a few days before. For me the most interesting part of the visit was to see the memorial for NBC journalists killed in action – a reminder of the dangers faced by a group of people who seek to provide the truth to the world.

The rest of the day was spent site-seeing & window shopping. Late on I had a meal at Ellen’s Pantry near the hotel. If you’re in New York – go here early evening for a meal if you fancy some great entertainment. All the staff are budding Broadway stars, hoping for their big break. This means they can all sing and it’s non-stop action as they alternate singing hits from the musicals and other ballads. This is roving singing though so don’t be surprised to find the waitress standing on your table serenading you. And the food is good too!

Picked up bags from hotel and headed off to airport in a taxi. From Long Island I had one last view of the skyscrapers of Manhattan, lit up like the Regent Street Christmas lights – the sky bright despite the lateness of the day.

The journey home was uneventful. Managed to sleep on plane despite having dinner and breakfast as we passed through different time zones.

Would I do it again – yes I guess I would given the opportunity, and preferably with Helen in tow! But for now it’s “home” time that’s important.

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