Sunday, November 13, 2005

Still no broadband - another 5 days they say - 2 incorrect connections attempted so far by the supplier. When it works it's great - but they do seem to always have problems coping with us moving house every few months.

Enjoyed watching the football today - always nice to beat Argentina, and despite his move to Newcastle, good to see the boy Owen show how to score goals.

Survived 2 weeks now in new job - so far so good. It's been a very busy time for everyone so hard to get people to sit down and discuss what I should be doing. Next few weeks will be interesting as we await to see if awarded any train franchises in the current round of bidding.

Managed to miss two great gigs last night as too much too soon to leave Helen on own for the night after move back to London. M.A.S.S. played a gig for A&R folk and down the road Juliet Turner and Brian Houston played in Putney. Been thinking through some animated video ideas for M.A.S.S. which I hope to take up with a fellow frequenter of my favourite coffee shop (Seymour Bros in Camberwell). He animated the Dairy Lea cow in TV adverts - I won't try explaining what I have in mind - not sure I understand it myself at the moment!

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