Thursday, November 03, 2005

Just a quick blog as having to make do with internet cafes at present whist waiting for broadband to be re-installed back home. Now back in London - 3 days into new job - going OK - bit strange being on other side of the fence but so far seem to have said the right things!

Move back to London went well - miss Norfolk though. Busy trying to sort out few bits and pieces for Michael McDermott's tour of Ireland later this month. Also been listening to M.A.S.S. demo of new album - gave my views on first, second, third single etc. Agreed on everything except 1st single so not too bad! Would love you to hear the new stuff as it is awesome but must remain under wraps. One of the songs is probably the best worship song I have ever heard - could easily be transposed to Spring Harvest! - but will hopefully be a top 10 single in it's own rights.

I'd love to hear their stuff on record. It certainly sounds like they need a good photoshoot!!
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