Thursday, November 24, 2005

Blimey, 10 days since my last blog.

Hope to find broadband finally up and running when I get back home tonight – will be a late night at office though so little time to play.

Life buzzing at the moment – work gradually getting busy – everyone waiting to see outcome of current bids.

I once had a dream – bring Michael McDermott to the UK. Thanks to Greenbelt it happened. Then I had another dream – get him to come back. Not quite the UK but Ireland. He’s in the middle of 8 shows over there – including 3 with the amazing Juliet Turner. Feedback has been amazing – crowds demanding he play an encore despite being support and the CDs sold out after just 2 shows – Fed Ex having to come to the rescue. My only regret – not being able to be there to see him and Juliet grace the same stage.

Tomorrow I’m meeting with Andrew from M.A.S.S. to discuss a business proposition put my way. Would love to say more but best not at this stage. Don’t worry though – not about to replace Justine as lead singer.

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