Monday, October 24, 2005

Sunday - a day of rest - except when you have to be up for church for 9am service. Doing 3hr each way commute to work during the week means weekends tend to be a lie-in, but I do like to make the morning service when I can. It's a small church with pilgrims often outnumbering regulars, but it's a very friendly community and I've made some good friends there very quickly. I should add that I represent the youth element!

The afternoon over at Holkham Hall craft and tea room, followed by trip to their excellent wine shop - the only place I know in Norfolk that sells £100 plus bottles of wine - Helen's already told me I'm banned from the shop once the redundancy money comes through!

Being in North Norfolk this time of year is very special. It's the time when the pink footed geese arrive in their thousands and we stood and watched in amazement as the sky darkened with the arrival of the geese, after their journey of several thousand miles. If you venture out early in the mornings to the marshes you can see them take flight in their thousands - 50,000 plus geese suddenly taking to the air is an amazing sight.

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