Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Off to everyone's favourite place to eat the New Piccadilly Cafe at lunchtime to meet up with Andrew who runs TARGO management which looks after M.A.S.S. one of my favourite bands. Sadly the amazing Justine won't be around as she's in Japan singing with Atomic Hooligan for a few dates. Maybe next year Greenbelt could do a double-header M.A.S.S. followed by Atomic Hooligan -I'm sure Justine would be up for it. I hope 2006 will be the year that establishes them as household names. They've already got a big following elsewhere in Europe but promoters in this country are reluctant to sign them up because the're not all under 18. Hopefully the new album will put an end to this nonsense - recorded by the Killer's producer Jeff Saltzman in San Francisco. Thy recently played a showcase gig in New York which attracted lot of interest from A&R folk over there. Nailing a decent record deal in this country is what is required next though. Not sure how I fit into all of this but I have a few ideas....

Lorna told me you called, sorry i couldn't make it. I would love to do some shots for M.A.S.S. as they look great and I think we could do something really cool. I do VERY competitive rates for unsigned bands!
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