Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I see they tried to blow up my brother today in Baghdad. Fortunately failed. Just been watching the footage on BBC website - don't know how he keeps producing stuff like that when you don't know if the next explosion is going to be the fatal one.

On a more cheerful note, my man Mr McDermott is playing 9 dates in Ireland in November, including 3 with Juliet Turner - me very excited!

I see in the paper today that Cliff Richard fans are being banned from camping out at NEC Birmingham for tickets to concert in case they cause danger to people arriving to see Peter Pan which is on currently. Not sure what kind if danger they are expecting - telling the children that Peter Pan is really Cliff Richard in disguise, or worse still proclaiming to passers-by that they don't believe in fairies (feel a joke coming on here but censor steps in!)

Now he's married I'm surprised his wife lets him still do crazy stunts like that. (I'm talking about your brother in Baghdad, by the way, not Cliff in Birmingham, though the same critique might apply)
Trouble is he doesn't get married until next March so until then ....
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