Sunday, October 16, 2005

Back from a hectic time in New York. Saw some great gigs, an amazing musical and lots of rain. I also met up with Michael McDermott who was in town seeing various agents and we went to some exclusive Italian restaurant where Angeline Jolie hangs out. Michael's being going there for the last 15 years or so and is good friends with the owner - they even play his music on the PA! U2 were amazing as usual - Madison Square Gardens is a fantastic venue although I've heard better stadium acoustics elsewhere. But it was good to see Bono forget his lines in Wild Horses, and Mary J Blige duet on One. Will stick full review of trip on here over next few days when I have time to write it. For now a few pictures.

Went to Norwich today - buzzing with students - very cool place when the sun is out. Tonight a pre-birthday celebration as I hit another milestone tomorrow. Rib of beef, expensive bottle of wine, log fire and good film. What more could a man ask for....

Happy Birthday Dave; it's only a halfway-milestone, though, isn't it? Halfway to 90...
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