Thursday, September 08, 2005

Well the downstairs carpets are out and by the end of today the upstairs too - I hope! Feel lucky having more than one house but trying to get all the jobs done at the moment requires a time and patience. Gas man here today to do boiler service, yesterday the house in Liverpool had the gas man round to quote for new boiler, next week London house sprayed for carpet beetle(!) then have to find new carpets, get the place redecorated, as does Liverpool. And Norfolk is a full time job! Going to see a house near to cottage at weekend to see if it might fit into Emmerson portfolio so must enjoy the challenge!

I'm also still busy with McDermott stuff with some follow ups with radio stations and sorting out the Borderline recording which is being edited for future promo work. And then there's discussion of a tour next year.

Must remember to finalise itinary for New York. Saw today Springsteen doing a solo gig in NY whilst there on Sunday night so will have to try and get ticket.

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