Friday, September 30, 2005

Me again! Time passes by and the jobs still need to be done! Working from home today so that I can do some more DIY later, rather than spend hald the day on the train.

Still pulling New York trip together. Managed to get good ticket for the Monday night so will see U2 twice now at Madison Square Gardens. Could be greedy and go Friday as well but I have a very good friend flying over to see me whilst I am in New York so hopefully Friday night will be a meal, a few beers, and a few laughs, and then Saturday night (hopefully) he will be coming to see U2 with me. Trying to sort out my itinary whilst there. Had Saturday planned until realised England v Austria on at 10am so need to re-think how I can spend some time in a bar watching game whilst still doing what was planned.

Started listening to U2 back catalogue just to remind myself what I can expect. As for the show itself, guess it will be a bit smaller than the last time I saw them.

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