Friday, September 09, 2005

I was reminded today of a slightly bizarre incident after the Borderline gig last week. I'd gone back stage to get Michael to sign some CDs only to be told I couldn't enter the dressing room. Immediate thought is "typical rock star must havew a woman in there". In fact it was a man! The story goes that someone at the gig had recently seperated from their wife and she had taken a copy of 620 W.Surf, his first album. The title track meant a great deal to this bloke. So Michael, being Michael, sat in the dressing room and sang the song so that the guy could record it on his mobile or such like. Wonder how many people would do this immediately after a show.

The good news is that the carpets are now all gone - and I'm knackered. Also means I can spend all day in the office tomorrow - my constant disappearing act will get noticed one of these days.

Cricket causing me problems. Being half Australian I've always supported Australia in cricket (and maybe football as well in the future after yesterday) so never sure whether happy or not when wickets fell today. Given way I ran down the stairs each time to watch TV I guess I'm still rooting for the Aussies!

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