Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I can see now why so many people struggle to keep their blog page updated on a regular basis. Last few days have blown by. The Michael McDermott gig at the Borderline went really well. A really nice audience with people from as far as Spain and Norway to see him play. I've been listening to a recording of the gig, amazed at the the passion and energy he puts into it. Should also say that Brian Houston was on top form. He's such a good songwriter and deserves to be heard more widely. Will post some phots when I have time.

Turned out to be a relatively early night after the gig as Michael and Bob were flying back to Chicago the next day and I think a week of English hospitality had exhausted them. Just time for a couple of drinks in the bar with Ross who manages Brant Christopher over here. I'm looking at options for them doing a short tour over here next year, possibly with one other artist. I also need to spend some time working out where Michael could/should play next year - Wychwood and Cambridge Folk Festival being the 2 I would love to fix up - along with Greenbelt if they'll have him back. Before then though he needs to get more air play in UK on the likes of Bob Harris show. And the new album comes out early next year which will present further opportunities. He also has a life in Chicago!

Yesterday I finished series of sessions with consultant who has been advicing me on my future career path - found it very helpful - redundancy has its advantages as you get paid to go on lots of courses. Hopefully later this week I will manage to get new job finalised. It will be good to have some certainty ahead of me. Now all I need to do today is sort out London house - had hoped someone was going to remove carpets for me but turns out their insurance won't allow it so looks like a job for me instead!

Two blogs so far isn't bad, given your circumstances. When you get to five you'll have really started. You might consider copying some of this into the Greenbelt blog as they're looking for new contributors and you could perhaps use the Michael McDermott exposure there. Glad you seem to have enjoyed the experiences of last week.
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