Saturday, September 17, 2005

The deed is done as they say. I received a letter yesterday from work agreeing to release me early at the end of October. So today I posted off signed contracts to my new employer.

I can officially announce here first that I will be joining First Group's Rail Division to take up a new role of Business Development Manager - don't know where it will all lead to but I'm excited by the chance of a new challenge. Just hope the wife doesn't see this as an excuse to buy me an anorak for Christmas.

Been at home today, on holiday next week. Looks like I will do a 3 day in the office from now on. Off to the Big Apple in 3 weeks to see U2 and Bruce Springsteen, as well as the new Mony Python musical Spamalot. Mixture of excitement and trepidation about this trip. I will be on my own so will be very lonely without Helen - longest we will have been apart for some time - apart from Greenbelt over the years. More on this trip at a later date. Just finished writing up article for Michael McDermott's newsletter and sorting photos to go in it. Need to think about a gimic such as secret link to another Borderline song somewhere on the web.

Glad it all seems to be working out on the job front. But you've been in rail for years so I though you already had an anorak.
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